Exploring the concept of photographic seeing and expression of emotions. Creating surreal works born from the mundane, she prides herself in making people imagine, anticipate, and guess the subject matter of her work. She defines the work as the capturing of psychological spaces, the landscapes of her own mind.​​​​​​​
With reference to Moholy-Nagy’s eight varieties of photographic vision, the work is an exploration of seeing the world through fresh eyes, through pushing the photographic medium to abstraction. With great emphasis on Riesner’s every-day surroundings, creating this work became a form of therapy for her, and a chance to make the seemingly ugly stunning through experimental photographic processes. Using a variety of techniques such as post-production/manipulation, slow seeing, and varying camera types, i.e. a UV camera, she makes the ordinary fantastical.
The artist intends to encourage her audience to practice mindfulness and active looking at their surrounding environments, striving to find beauty in their own ways. ​​​​​​​
 “I am exploring how the camera lens can change our perception of the world, and whether this affects how the audience relates to their surrounding environment after viewing this.” (Riesner, 2020).

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