BA (Hons) Photography 2nd Year Student Exhibition. Work shown: A Journey Within

The Poly, Falmouth. 
28th May 2019 - 1st June 2019.
24 Church St, Falmouth TR11 3EG

Work shown: A Journey Within, 2019
Name: Katie Riesner
Title of Work: A Journey Within
Year: 2019
Medium: Variety of Print types
Size in cm: 130x60 (Print Installation)
Price: £185 for series
(Also available separately upon request)
Gallery image of a window displaying Katie Riesner's work "A Journey Within". These works are printed on fabric and hung using fishing wire and bulldog clips, looking suspended midair. The printed photographs represent Riesner's feelings expressed outwardly through photo-manipulation of a red and blue rough sea,  a bird that could either be seen as flying off, or landing and abstract imagery like a blue downwards spiral.
Photo Credit: Neal Megaw, 2019.
Name: Katie Riesner
Title of Work: Extracts from A Journey Within
Medium: Fabric Print
Size in cm: Various
Price: Available upon request

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