Post A Journey Within, 2019, but before Your Red is Not my Red, 2020.

Later in 2019, a time just before the Coronavirus pandemic, in which I continued my exploration into finding beauty in the overlooked. This project followed on from A Journey Within, however this time I focused more on the world that was always around me, as opposed to going outside to explore, and experimental approaches to abstraction, which continued on to my next project, Your Red is Not My Red in 2020. This project felt more specifically focused on objects any my surroundings than my own emotions to me, and was at a time I felt particularly numb.

For me, this project feels more objective and documents a time in which my Seasonal Affective Disorder/depression was it its worst - whilst in my other projects I feel a sense of hope and personality expressed in the imagery, these feel more "this is the world as I see it, it's not great but I'm trying."

They are on the cusp of beauty and grotesque, with subject matters such as scratched and dirty windows, bits of film dug out of a bin, snake skin, and the contents of a skip.
A scrambled brain trying to make sense of the world but not succeeding.

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