This page and idea are both currently under construction, but if you feel you could help me to achieve my goals, please do get in touch with me through email at
Through facilitating creative workshops, and selling my own unique and beautiful prints, I would like to empower those who feel constantly stressed and busy to add a little mindfulness to their day. My goal is to put the inspiring magic of beauty in nature within people's bedrooms and houses, making it impossible to miss; encouraging visitors who may traditionally feel alienated from the art world to revel in the beauty and power of art.
As an artist, I am hoping to show the value of inclusivity within photography, and demonstrate how practicing photography has benefited my own mental health. In the future I would love to create and facilitate workshops in wellbeing and photography as a mindfulness tool. But for now, I am taking commissions for headshots, zoom backgrounds and banners, pet photography, events, products and more.

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