Through her project A Journey Within, 2019 Riesner explored a different invisible unknown, specifically her mental health, through shooting relentlessly and often. As a sufferer of Seasonal Affective Disorder, she felt the need to escape, and has used her layout to portray this. Within the images are landscapes both real and fictitious, representing the sense of unease and disconnect she felt to her world around her.

A Journey Within, 2019 is a photo series depicting Riesner's University journey and dealing with navigating the world around her through the eyes of her seasonal depression and anxiety. This project came about as a direct response to her mental health and feeling the need to escape. Trapped in her room, she sought to get out and create a series of work documenting her personal growth; a form of self-expression that began through vernacular means, shooting relentlessly for 3 months. 

The world felt alien and she chose to express this throughout the series by mixing imagery of the natural world with the man-made. Within the images are landscapes both real, and fictitious (E.g. transforming a waffle to look like a pastel mountain.) Once the viewer realises this, they delve in closer and begin to question exactly what it is they’re seeing, second-guessing everything in a way similar to how Generalised Anxiety Disorder can affect the brain. Representing the sense of unease and distance to the world around her Riesner had felt in this depressive state.

Although having taken well over 2000+ images, the final set consists of 12, and has a calm-feeling atmosphere to them. This series is curated in such a way that you can feel how she has been distanced from how she at first felt and the work has an aura of reflection and contemplation to it.

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